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Our responsibility
Dayu water put full effort not only on the utilization efficiency of water, but also on the water cycles. We withdraw water from natural resources to produce dringking water and industrial water, then collect wastewater and treat it for reuse or return to ecosystm.
Our value
Focus on customer’s need
Our ability to listen carefully and professionally lead us to be as close as possible to the need of our customer and commit us to build solid and lasting relationship.
Continous creative research and innovative technologies ensure that can we inprove our environmental solution and quality of service and value for our customer.
Creating value for our customer
Creating value for our customer guarantees our long-team growth ang profits which ensure our ability to take full responsibilty for our emplyee and society.
Team work
Team work is the most crucial element in our value. Working together and pooling knowlodge and experience ensure that every success is a shared victory.

Compact clarifier
Clarification for high rate and compact process
Bestflo clarifier is recommended for
surface water clarification
industrial process water production
Backwash and draige water clarifcation and reuse
mine water reuse
steel mill circulation water clarification

DYLT sludge dewaterer

24h fully automatic operation
All-in-one design
Free maintenance
Dewatering from low concentrate sludge(from 0.2%)
Handles oily sludge
Low noise and vibration
Low operation cost
Built in self-cleaning system
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